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Autotask Integration

Autotask is a common integration with Work Market and in many ways offers the most out of the box tools for integrations with platforms such as Work Market. The integration provides clients the CRM features critical for managing client information and invoice processes, while connecting that work with your talent in Work Market.


See Autotask Integration in Action

There is a video available that shows the Work Market integration in more detail.

Note that the Autotask integration described here requires a Relay setup which can be provided through the Work Market Solutions Engineering team.


Contact Us

Feel free to reach out to Work Market's Solutions Engineering team at [email protected]. Someone from the team will contact you within 48 hours.


Work Market and Autotask complement each other perfectly - Autotask provides a great way to track the lifecycle of a ticket for your clients, and Work Market allows you to find Talent to perform the work, track work milestones, and collect documentation efficiently. Work Market’s integration framework ensures that both systems communicate smoothly throughout the process.

Integration Options

Option 1: Basic Snapshot

Eliminate the “swivel chair” process of copying and pasting the details of your ticket into Work Market. The integration sends all of the important details through Autotask’s “Outsource Network” framework.

Option 2: Autotask Realtime

Do you need to continue to send updates regarding the ticket to Work Market, even after you’ve sent it through the Outsource Network? No problem. We leverage Autotask’s Extension Callout to send Work Market an update throughout the ticket’s lifecycle. Or do you need Work Market to send updates back to Autotask? Updates from Work Market include check in/out times, worker information, and deliverable attachments.

Option 3: Advanced Integration

Ready to go all in with richer features supported by Autotask? For example, do you want to track multiple check ins and outs using Autotask’s Time Entry Module? Do you need a custom solution for your workflow? We have Webhooks that communicate with Autotask’s advanced features while maintaining all of the benefits of the other integration options.

Autotask Integration Components



Outsource Network

The outsource network in Autotask will point to the Relay endpoint to connect to the two systems.

UDF (User Defined Fields)

These fields will handle specific data that needs to be exchanged between the two systems. These will be determined during the discovery phase.

Work Market Webhook

Triggers in Work Market will send updates to Autotask in real time.


The Relay will communicate between the two platforms.