WorkMarket Developer Portal

WorkMarket Developer Portal

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Best Practices

So, you're interested in integrating your business with WorkMarket. Here are some best practices around getting your project off the ground.

Familiarize Yourself with WorkMarket's Product, Concepts, and Workflows

Visit our Help Center to familiarize yourself with the basics of the WorkMarket platform. There, you'll learn about core concepts, workflows, and settings that will help you design an optimal solution for your organization.

Familiarize Yourself with WorkMarket's Integration Capabilities

WorkMarket offers a number of relevant integration capabilities that you should familiarize yourself with at the outset of your project. These technologies include:

Review Typical Integration Patterns

We offer a high level overview of common integration patterns here.

Start Small and Iterate

Even if your ultimate integration project has a massive scope, be sure to start by breaking off small chunks of functionality that you can validate and then move on.

For example, if you're planning on full synchronization of WorkMarket and Salesforce, you might start by pushing a bare bones assignment (title, description, schedule, and pricing) from an Opportunity (or whatever SF object maps to an assignment) and then, once that works, add more details like location, custom fields, etc...

Talk to our Solutions Engineering Team

We're here to help! Regardless of the size and complexity of your integration, we recommend that you reach out to WorkMarket's Solutions Engineering Team to orient yourself and get help planning your project.


Contact Us

Feel free to reach out to WorkMarket's Solutions Engineering team at [email protected]. Someone from the team will contact you within 48 hours.