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WorkMarket Developer Portal

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WorkMarket MuleSoft Connector

WorkMarket has developed a Certified MuleSoft Connector that makes it easy to integrate with a wide array of systems through MuleSoft's powerful integration platform.

The WorkMarket Connector integrates seamlessly into leading enterprise workforce applications offered by Salesforce, Workday, ServiceNow, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and many more. By triggering events tied to critical milestones in their selling, service and operating models, businesses can automate the provisioning of their workforces, whether internal employees, external contractors or third-party partners, and mobilize an on-demand workforce to address business needs.


MuleSoft Connector Page

The official WorkMarket Connector page can be found here.

Here's an some simple, example flows between Workday and WorkMarket, using the connectors available for each system:

Here's a flow that imports ServiceNow incidents into WorkMarket: