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WorkMarket Developer Portal

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NetSuite Integration

NetSuite is a very flexible and powerful system that offers many ways to manage customers. This means there are many ways to integrate with Work Market.


Contact us

Feel free to reach out to Work Market's Solutions Engineering team at [email protected]. Someone from the team will contact you within 48 hours.

For NS to WM needs, SuiteScripts can be written and deployed within Netsuite and are flexible enough to form requests for anything the WM API supports -- create, send, approve, void, etc. Our Relay Connector + Relay Rules Engine can add additional logic where needed.
For WM to NS needs, the Relay Connector listens to WM webhooks and interfaces with the SuiteTalk API to perform CRUD operations, including conditional checks ("do something, but only if X is true").




Changes made within NetSuite are captured through their SuiteScripts framework. The SuiteScript then can capture updated fields or other information and send that information to Work Market's API.


SuiteTalk is the API framework for sending updates from Work Market to NetSuite.

Callout Buttons to Work Market

NetSuite allows Administrators to create buttons within the NetSuite interface such as "Send to Work Market." This essentially calls the SuiteScript to take the information submitted and send it to Work Market.