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WorkMarket Developer Portal

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The relay automation tool is a cloud solution to help customize WorkMarket features for existing client workflows. A powerful scheduler and rules engine that automates how businesses use WorkMarket to enable the mosaic of labor inside their organization.


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Feel free to reach out to WorkMarket's Solutions Engineering team at [email protected]. Someone from the team will contact you within 48 hours.

If you are doing an integration directly from one application to WorkMarket, we recommend our clients leverage WorkMarket's Relay framework to sit between the two systems, handle any transformation requirements, track activity and log issues. Also - if you would like to build out rules engine functionality or scheduling tasks then the Relay provides that capability.

Thorough logging, proactive email alerting, SaaS architecture (and all its inherent benefits) and fast PS response to issues.

Scheduler Functionality

We set reminders for ourselves all the time in the course of a business day. Many business processes require waiting a period of time before performing a task or confirming something has happened before proceeding. The Scheduler feature of the WorkMarket Relay allows you to schedule events that you would otherwise have to confirm yourself and therefore help you be more productive.

Learn more about the Relay Scheduler features.

Actions in Sequence

Rarely is an event or action during a business process done as a standalone. There often many steps that need to be taken to complete the entire process. Each step may require some analysis before performing. The WorkMarket Relay allows you to schedule those events in sequence and take action based on their outcome.

Learn more about the Relay Sequence features.

Rules Engine Functionality

The core of the WorkMarket Relay's value is it's available to execute on rules based on certain conditions - the classic "if-else" scenarios that drive a lot of business processes. The Relay can not only execute tasks on a schedule or in sequence, but the results of those actions can be analyzed and acted upon through the Rules Engine feature.

Learn more about the Relay Rules Engine features.