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WorkMarket Developer Portal

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Typical Integration Scenarios

Every integration is different, but a typical integration process looks something like the following diagram (click to open full screenshot).

Your Existing System

It could be that you are using a ticketing system such as Autotask or a CRM like Salesforce, ServiceNow or NetSuite, or an ERP system like SAP where you have already defined the need for your "Assignment" in WorkMarket - the location, the description, the customer information, etc. The need is to find someone to do the work and track their progress.

Assignment Creation Through API Call

There are two ways that the details of the work in your system can be used to create an assignment in WorkMarket through our API. The first is an outbound request that calls our API endpoint and passes in information such as the title, details, location, etc. The second is for WorkMarket to create an instance in the WorkMarket Relay to poll your system periodically to get all updates in your system and retrieve those details.

The assignment that is created in WorkMarket can also begin a workflow event by routing work to the appropriate Talent Pool of appropriate workers.

WorkMarket Workflow

As the work is occurring within WorkMarket, the manager can view the status of that work and communicate with the worker as needed. When work is completed, the manager can approve or reject that work.

Webhook Updates from WorkMarket to Your System

Webhooks are essentially triggers within WorkMarket that are triggered by events such as workflow changes, assignment updates, attachments added or check in/out activities. The Webhook will call your system's API to pass in relevant information about that event.